Mystic nights at Tjarn, Sweden.I know you are looking at me, Kuhmo, Finland.The eagle and the bear, nightlife on the Russian border, Kuhmo, Finland.The bullies, Kuhmo, Finland.Autumn all over! Svartmortjärn, Sweden.Easter treats, Messlingen, Sweden.Wild horses by the foot of the vulcano, Cotopaxi, Ecuador.Black Grouse, Risliden, Sweden.Brown Bear on the prowl, Kuhmo, Finland.Watchful Lynx eyes, Järvsö, Sweden.The power of forestry, Trehörningsjö, Sweden.Spotted eyes of the Boreal Owl, Jacobstad, Finland.The big dark, Kuhmo, Finland.Food for trolls, Botsmark, Sweden.When winter turns to spring, Vålådalen, Sweden.Great Spotted Woodpecker spy, Kuhmo, Finland.Nobody know this mushroom was there, Sani Lodge, Ecuador.The bear is always browner on the other side, Kuhmo, Finland.Sharing the same forest, Kuhmo, Finland.Can we go somewhere private? Umeå, Sweden.Ravens on a carcass, Kuhmo, Finland.I love you! Övre Skärvagen, Sweden.Those where the days, Lill-Långsvallen, Sweden.No time to waste, Idre, Sweden.Night lights, Vantjejappe, Sweden.Some drewling might scare them off, Kuhmo, Finland.Hills of tranquility, Picos de Europa, Spain.Autumn, Grössjön, Sweden.THe Red Fox knows the places, Degersjön, Sweden.A breath of air every once in a while, Kuhmo, Finland.Where even the food is steep, Picos de Europa, Spain.As I fell asleep, Börgefjell, Norway.A house on the hill, Picos de Europa, Spain.Scots Pine needles, Kuhmo, Finland.Lily of the valley, Grössjön, Sweden.The secret pocket, Kapprukölen, Sweden.

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