Kids on graves, Tafua, Samoa.Meandering days, Kinabatangan, Borneo, Malaysia.Emerald and swift, Amazonas, Ecuador.Is it real? Amazonas, Ecuador.Glasswing Butterfly, Amazonas, Ecuador.Sipping the nectar, Mindo, Ecuador.Stange monkeys below, Amazonas, Ecuador.Blue-winged Parrotlet at clay lick, Sani Lodge, Ecuador.Heliconia flower, Amazonas, Ecuador.Nakavika, a paradise high, Fiji.Canopy view, Sani Lodge, Ecuador.Please, take my picture, Amazonas, Ecuador.Pili, a small lizard, Tafua, Samoa.Bigger than my hand, Sani Lodge, Ecuador.The future rulers of earth, Tafua, Samoa.Strange spider, Amazonas, Ecuador.Fish for breakfast, Tafua, Samoa.Fancy a grasshopper? Amazonas, Ecuador.Ornament leaves, Apia, Samoa.Banana leaves leaves noone hungry, Tafua, Savai'i, Samoa.Passion is not only human, Salelologa, Savai'i, Samoa.Frowning Proboscis Monkey, Kinabatangan, Borneo, Malaysia.Ginger, Lalu Manu, Upolu, Samoa.Spending my time... Napo River, Ecuador.Bare back with a sack, Nakavika, Fiji.I know you're out there! Sani Lodge, Amazon, Ecuador.A mirror for the sun, Paris, France.Ferns in the vulcano, Tafua, Savai'i, Samoa.Playing on the graves, Tafua, Savai'i, Samoa.Marine iguanas, Galapagos, Ecuador.Soap trade on Good Friday, Tafua, Savai'i, Samoa.Another Heliconia flower, Amazon, Ecuador.The next world, Tafua, Savai'i, Samoa.Happy times! Tafua, Savai'i, Samoa.The fields of gold, Mön, Denmark.After a dark winter... Ingarö Strand, Sweden.

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