Easy, easy, Järvsö, Sweden.Burberry flowers, Gamlia, Sweden.Chamoix in the mist, Picos de Europa, Spain.Once you've tasted the fermented herring... Uppsala Sweden.Pearls of the night, Picos de Europa, Spain.Spot 1.500 reindeer, Mittåhamra, Sweden.Large Red Damselfly courtship, Djupsjön, Sweden.Explorer, Galapagos, Ecuador.Why does it always look so close? Svartisen, Norway.Linear Chamoix, Picos de Europa, Spain.Nursing mother bear, Järvsö, Sweden.Over the top, Picos de Europa, Spain.Finally! Örjeltjärve, Sweden.Precision a la spider, Mindo, Ecuador.Wolf-spotting, Picos de Europa, Spain.There is still some warmth left in the sun, Blåstöten, Sweden.The male Beautiful Demoiselle, lost in the blues, Djupsjön, Sweden.The European Peacock butterfly lusts for nectar, Kärrtorpssjön, Sweden.I am smiling! Orsa, Sweden.The coming of a Burberry, Gamlia, Sweden.Happiness is Golden Chanterelle! Ramundberget, Sweden.The pacific light, Venice beach, USA.Big time courtship, Kuhmo, Finland.A golden morning up there... Vegabaño, Spain.Natural park, Picos de Europa, Spain.Burberry blossom night, Gamlia, Sweden.An even more golden day is soon to come... Vegabaño, Spain.Cloud forest, Mindo, Ecuador.Feeding spider, Urdaibai, Basque, Spain.Once I've eaten I'm hungry again, Galapagos, Ecuador.Higher than a volcano, Cotopaxi, Ecuador.Brothers and sisters, Amazonas, Ecuador.Memories of the past, Möns klint, Denmark.Funnel Chanterelle, Botsmark, Sweden.Fence post, Oseja de Sejambres, Spain.

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