In the middle of nowhere, Fjosoken, Sweden.Sedated wolf waits for a GPS-collar, Skarda, Sweden.Snack time in -15 C, Rogen, Sweden.Sunny blizzard, Österstoljan, Sweden.Glacier ice cave, Svartisen, Norway.The cunning Lynx, Lycksele, Sweden.When directions don't mean a thing, Storsjön, Sweden.The frozen world, Oxberget, Sweden.Shades of blue, Storbacken, Sweden.The scouting trapper, Arasjö, Sweden.The long nights of spring, Stekkenjokk, Sweden.Trail to the sky, Gåsen, Sweden.No tan below 30... Arasjö, Sweden.The unpredictable wolverine, Lycksele, Sweden.Running towards the calving ground, Skäckerfjällen, Sweden.Tracking the reindeers, Skäcker, Sweden.The famouse grouse on a stroll, Kappruskaftet, Sweden.Female Lynx with cub, Lycksele, Sweden.The smoking mountain, Börgefjell, Norway.Finally some sun! Skebrofjället, Sweden.Refreshing in the dry water world, Anaris, Sweden.Wolverine on the move, Arasjö, Sweden.As the snow gets harder... Sticken, Sweden.Portrait of Lynx, Lycksele, Sweden.Beautiful spring, Evagraven, Sweden.Life and death to a Golden Eagle, Fredrika, Sweden.Almost lika a vulcano, Städjan, Sweden.Survival of a Golden Eagle, Fredrika, Sweden.Reindeer fences, Börgefjell, Noway.The buds are coming... Umeå, Sweden.The goal is in sight, Börgefjell, Norway.General Sherman, Sequia National Park, USA.Snow, rain and sun, Hosjöbottnarna, Sweden.Better late than never, Börgefjell, Norway.When all is quiet, Balsjö, Sweden.Gracious battles of the swans, Umeå, Sweden.

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